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  • What is the first step to starting therapy?
    In order for therapy to be effective, we both have to decide if I will be a good fit for what you are looking for. Please contact me by leaving a confidential voicemail at (781) 862-6772 or sending me a secure email through this website. I will then contact you to set up a 15 minute phone consultation. During the 15 minute phone consultation, we will decide if it makes sense to make an initial appointment based on your needs and my expertise and the current status of my practice. If we set up an initial appointment, I’ll send you a link to my secure Client Portal via my electronic health records program, Theranest. You will complete the registration paperwork and some history forms through the portal, and return them prior to the first online appointment. I’ll send you a link to the online session the Sunday before our first meeting.
  • Do you take insurance for individual therapy?
    I am a provider for most Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policies for individual therapy. If this is your health insurance, then you will be responsible for making sure that I am in-network for your policy. Any deductibles and/or copayments are expected at the time of service. If you have another insurance, you will self pay $240 for each 55 minute session. You will want to check with your insurance policy to see if you have out-of-network coverage which means some or all of this fee could be reimbursed to you. I’m happy to provide you an itemized receipt (referred to as a Superbill) to submit to your insurance company or your flexible spending account for reimbursement.
  • Do you take insurance for relationship therapy?
    As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, your relationship is my focus. Therefore, I do not take any insurance for this type of therapy and any receipts provided will not include any diagnostic codes. My fee is $300 per 55 minute session. While not inexpensive, Imago Relationship Therapy is a significant investment in a couple’s future. Research shows that a connected, satisfying relationship with a partner is essential in a person’s overall health and well being. Also, if married, divorce proceedings can be significantly more costly than therapy.
  • How often will I see you?
    Individuals — I see individual therapy clients once per week. This frequency has proven to be the most effective for the type of work I do in building skills, resilience, and emotional health. Couples —I see couples therapy clients once per week during an initial phase. The length of this initial phase is different for every couple and determined in the initial sessions, based on the issues presented. After this phase, many couples shift to a frequency of every other week.
  • What are your office hours?
    Currently, my office hours are Monday through Thursday by appointment. During the pandemic, I mostly see clients via a secure videoconferencing platform. If fully vaccinated, I will consider seeing clients in person
  • Are you taking new cients?
    Currently, I have VERY limited availability in my practice. Therefore, I am only taking new clients who have schedules that can accommodate my availability. Please note that I only work with adults for both individual and couples therapy.
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